Walmart eCommerce

    Editorial Strategy and Content Management

    When I started working at Walmart eCommerce, I would tell my friends that I was a greeter as an attempt to tone down the fact that I took a high paying job at a corporation that essentially pushes consumerism. It conflicted me in a specific way (because, let's face it - I lean quite a bit hippie and think we need more quality products and far less cheap quantity), but I also knew it would be an amazing learning experience and a challenge to my adaptability at the same time.
    What I discovered in that behemoth of a company was unexpected. While there were plenty of challenges (a Fortune 500 company the size of Walmart will naturally be rife with them), I discovered new ways of thinking, learned how to make big differences despite limitations, and found a work family of kind, funny and intelligent people.

    Initially, my work was mostly content management, content ideation and creation, and a lot of recipe database management. Over time, content marketing became more accepted within the company, and less of a red-headed stepchild. The Content Team eventually became the Editorial Team, and our role within the story of the site became more visible. During my tenure, I began to really find power in leading the creative teams for site-wide campaigns, developed strategies for content and editorial within the site itself, pushed for curated shopping experiences. Throughout the company, our roles focused on storytelling but our goal was to be a champion for the customer and their experiences on and off the site. Read below to gain some more insight into the specific work that I did at Walmart.

    Story Lead for Campaigns
    • Developed the ‘story’ for sitewide campaigns that were relevant to a new generation of shoppers. Established Walmart as a relevant shopping site: valuable and on-trend. 
    • Managed messaging, UX and site flow for our biggest homepage campaigns including Back to School, Great American Summer and Mother’s Day. This included email, campaign landing pages, video and branding. 
    • Developed curated collections for campaigns by working collaboratively with site leads, and utilizing research on current trends (plus my intuition #notsorry).
    • Lead communication between site partners & cross-functional teams. 
    • Managed campaign metrics reporting + Omniture. 
    • Worked with writers, designers, shelf and category leads to create an integrated story that supported business needs, appealed to customers, and created a cohesive site experience for users. 
    Social & Influencer Programming
    • Story lead for Parent 2 Parent, our first-ever site Influencer Video Program featuring celebrity mom Tia Mowry. Vetted scripts, supervised video shoot, planned associated messaging and site execution. 
    • Initiated organic social programming for Pinterest and Instagram. 
    • Created briefs and guidelines for writers and designers to develop content to seed on Pinterest.
    • Managed organic Pinterest calendar.
    • Established guidelines for Pinterest by working with Pinterest’s team, along with our in-house design team.
    Editorial Management
    • Developed content strategy across multiple categories including: food, photo, tech, baby, beauty, and outdoors
    • Tracked KPIs for content, and created data-driven content solutions
    • Spearheaded content solutions for Cameras vertical by collaborating with shelf managers to create helped customers get inspired, or learn more about the products best suited for them. 
    • Increased AOV by 61% over prior year. Lead the production of first ever in-house content videos. 
    • Managed Landing Page layout and content updates
    • Wrote articles and content based on relevant research and business goals. 
    • Wrote specialty content for photography – Cameras & Camcorders category + shopping guides 
    • Used my passion for food, community, technology, wellness and photography to develop high quality content. 

    Walmart eCommerce| Editorial Manager