This Modern Romance | Co-Author

    There is a little bit of magic that happens at an engagement session-a soft mix of love and light. It is a spell woven through a delicate medley of direction, composition and connection.

    I worked with beloved wedding photographer Stephanie Williams, of This Modern Romance, to develop a book that gives photographers insights into the world of engagement and wedding photography. From color to composition, business strategies to styling, digital capture to film, this book covers everything a photographer needs to know in order to elevate their romantic portraiture.

    Our working style was very complementary, from strategy to execution. We worked together to develop a skeleton outline and table of contents, before diving into a series of interviews that covered the topics of each chapter. We did multiple brain-dumps in this way, until the core concepts were all established.

    From there, I worked to organize each idea into an editorial format, using clarity to bring the ethereal nature of such romantic work to life. We incorporated tips from other professionals in the wedding industry, to give photographers a holistic look at the landscape. Our goal was to create a book that was not only the most thorough and educational on the market, but also visually inspiring and easy to digest.