Adventures in Mamba World + MambaCon | Producer

    Stepped in for EVB's senior producer to develop MambaCon, a brand activation for Mamba at Comic-Con in San Diego, and to complete production of Mamba's 16bit video game, Adventures in Super Mamba World.

    As an experienced creative & maker with a get-it-done outlook, I loved jumping on board at EVB to take over production of multiple projects for Mamba. This including putting together a complex brand activation, and completing production of a digital 16-bit game development. I got to hang out with a quirky robot, which also added to the fun.

    This integrated producer role allowed me to stretch some of my favorite muscles, from managing meetings between agencies, ensuring assets were delivered on time & correctly, providing feedback on game play, locking down a last minute location in Downtown San Diego for Comic-Con on a very low budget, and securing custom event assets like a special MambaCon badge, event decor, and the necessary tech to provide large screens, and controllers for live competitive game-play.


    The Mamba-Con Experience

    Mamba-Con required some out of the box thinking, as we were on a tight budget and only 3 weeks away from the Comic-Con event date. Despite limited resources, I used out-of-the-box thinking to find a retail space for rent that allowed us to host Mamba-Con. The team brought Mambot all the way down to Southern California to host the event, and he made plenty of friends while out and about.

    Setting the Vibe

    Production included decorating the event space with branded banners, window treatments, a step and repeat, custom T-shirt giveaways, and even a custom badge and lanyard for the debut of Adventures in Mamba World.

    On-Site Game Play

    Since Mamba-Con was the official launch for Mamba's custom 16bit video game, we made sure that game play was at the heart of the event. 4 large HD screens and retro controllers allowed fans to get in on the action, and compete live against each other for swag and