Clean Beauty | Content Producer

    Researched, wrote, and photographed a 10-day branded course on how to live a Clean Beauty lifestyle.

    Commune Media joined forces with the founders of Skinny & Co., a vertically integrated coconut oil company that is aiming to change the beauty industry from the inside out. The founders of Skinny & Co., were joined by LA wellness influencer Sophie Jaffe, for a 10 day course on how to clean up your beauty routine, while still caring for your skin and the environment.

    I shined on this project because it made use of my overlapping creative and interpersonal skills. Digging into my journalist roots, I interviewed our brand expert, in order to help shape the information into a narrative, and ensure that it was rooted in facts.

    From deep research into FDA policies & regulations to making sense of the current skincare and beauty industry, this project gave me insight into the dangers of the products we put on our skin, and why it's always important to understand the ingredients in your products, whether they're obviously listed or hidden under terms like 'fragrance'.

    Developing a coherent narrative, while staying true to the brand and the research, was critical in my work. Our goal was to develop a course that helped the audience gain a greater understanding of the history of the beauty industry, and the lack of existing regulation (Did you know that beauty industry regulations haven't been updated since 1938?)

    After interviewing Dr. Joy Reese, I researched and wrote the course, working with her to help refine the information, while developing a deck and script notes for and Sophie Jaffe. I spent time on-set for the shoot, directing and coaching the talent, while ensuring the content & information was correct and on-track. I broke down buzzwords, explained the benefits of medium-chain fatty acids, and exposed the lack of testing around grandfathered-in consumer chemicals in the United States.

    I also created a top 10 ingredients to avoid list, based on my research, and wrote conversation starters, and other website copy. I also worked with Commune Media to photograph the course & talent for website & marketing assets.