Storytelling is time travel, teleportation and immortality.

    If you asked my dad–a quirky, creative, and strategy-oriented man named Zoran–about who I am and what I’m good at, he’d emphatically tell you about my strengths. According to the CliftonStrengths personality test by Gallup, our strengths play a huge role in understanding the type of work that I am not only good at, but excited by. It’s a very thorough test that I took once at 17, and then again at 30. Surprisingly, not much changed except for some welcome maturation. 

    WOO | Communication | Empathy | Ideation | Positivity

    WOO means I’m people-oriented, and get a lot of satisfaction from making a connection with someone. Communication correctly observes that I’m good at putting thoughts and ideas into words. Empathy, another favorite of mine, means that I’m good at sensing people’s feelings, and imagining what it’s like to be in another’s shoes. I’m sure you’re getting the picture here. Ideation means that I’m fascinated by ideas, and can find meaning between things that may seem disconnected. And finally, positivity, which is self-explanatory. Let’s just say I’m good at rallying a posse. 

    You can hire me to write, brainstorm innovative ideation, develop website content, capture strong imagery, tell a story, work on a script, run a campaign, or cultivate a narrative. Got something off-beat, or unusual? Just try me!

    My degree is in journalism, and my background is in writing, content strategy, photography, along with some marketing, social and production.

    I’ve worked for a behemoth Fortune 500 corporation. I’ve also lived on the most isolated land mass on earth for 13 years. Life is a mystery. I’m passionate about environmental projects and value-driven lifestyles. I work in verticals such as food/lifestyle/tech/outdoor and have dabbled in politics.

    I prioritize work with clients that have integrity, and are doing some form of good in the world. I still shoot a few weddings per year; please reach out.

    Can’t get enough of me? Here’s a brief history.


    I'm really excited to connect with likeminded humans, and make some magic happen! If you've got a big budget project with an awesome team, or a smaller personal project, I'm always open to have a conversation to see if we'd be a good fit. I prioritize clients that are serving a higher good in some way or another.