I work with ethical companies to foster connection between them and their true audiences.

    I do this using clear communication, storytelling, and creative strategy.

    CONTENT STRATEGY Clean Beauty | Content Producer Wrote, researched and produced content, along with photography, for a 10-day course by Commune Media. The Skinny & Co. branded course features Dr. Joy Reese, along with wellness expert Sophie Jaff... Check it out PRODUCTION Mamba | Producer As an experienced creative & maker with a get-it-done outlook, I loved jumping on board at EVB to take over production of multiple projects for Mamba. This including putting together a complex bra... Check it out COMMUNICATIONS Blue Uprising PAC | Communications Director What we did & how we did it. Though our team was small, our power was mighty; I like to think that Poseidon/Tangaroa/Davey Jones really had our backs during the 2018 elections. While midterms may... Check it out WRITING This Modern Romance | Co-Author There is a little bit of magic that happens at an engagement session-a soft mix of love and light. It is a spell woven through a delicate medley of direction, composition and connection. I worked... Check it out PHOTOGRAPHY Wim Hof | Commune Media I loved photographing the boisterous, open-hearted Ice Man himself -Wim Hof- at Commune Media's retreat space in the Santa Monica Mountains.  Check out the slideshow below for some of my favorite im... Check it out PHOTOGRAPHY Finian Makepeace | Commune Media I worked with Commune Media to capture images of Finian Makepeace, from Kiss the Ground, for his course called "Soil is the Climate Solution". The course details learnings about regenerative agricultu... Check it out CREATIVE STRATEGY Huglife Kickstarter Campaign | Creative Director This Therapist Wants To Normalize Comfort Objects for Adults by Christen Vidanovic  Jen Price isn’t your average therapist. While she still maintains a roster of clients that she works with, most d... Check it out WEDDINGS Ana & Dan | Smog Shoppe Wedding Check it out CONTENT STRATEGY Kodakit | Marketing & Content Lead As the Marketing, Communications and Content Lead for Kodakit, an Eastman Kodak company, I worked with a small and agile team to completely rebuild the company's website, develop a content and marketi... Check it out CREATIVE STRATEGY Walmart eCommerce| Editorial Manager Check it out

    Word on the Street

    Jennifer Price
    William Rinehart
    Jenny Sidarova
    Mara Pike

    "Christen provided critical support to help me and my startup, Huglife, run a successful Kickstarter in early 2019, surpassing our goals. She had her hands in every aspect of our launch, including helping to script and direct our Kickstarter video. Her grounded, thoughtful, perceptive and endlessly creative style bled into all the work we did together. Talent and ability aside, she’s a joy to be around as a person and anyone would be lucky to work with her."

    - Jennifer Price, Founder at Huglife Company

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    "Christen was an irreplaceable asset on our team. She enabled the entirety of our communications strategy and content for the 2018 election cycle. Without Christen’s steady leadership, we would not have achieved the success that we did. What makes Christen so unique is her positive energy and ability to find humor in any situation. Things get tough in politics and she made it fun, and that was evident as we flipped four Congressional seats."

    - William Rinehart, Founder/Director at Blue Uprising PAC

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    "Christen is a very passionate and professional person to have on the team. She comes to each project with a positive attitude, and is very agile. She has taken her expertise in photography and content development, and broadened her horizons by leading organic Pinterest efforts for, from process to execution. Her experience, content expertise, creative background, and personality make her a great addition to any team."

    - Jenny Sidarova, Director of Content Strategy at L'Oreal

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    "Christen is a very professional and playful photographer. Her laugh is contagious and sets her subjects at ease. She has a deep love and respect for natural beauty and wonderful communication skills. She is a joy and pleasure to be around, collaborate with and the results are always surprising and fantastic!"

    - Mara Pike, Founder at Jasmine Yoga

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